Roof maintenance is key to lengthening the life of your roof.  You can maintain your roof in a variety of ways.

A clean roof is a happy roof
Limit the amount of debris that collects on your roof.  Leaves, moss, branches and any other type of debris can hold water on your roof and create leaks over time.  Using a light broom or a light blower is a great way to get debris off of your roof.  Be careful while on your roof.  Tread lightly, wear sneakers and if you have tile, walk where the tiles meet each other.  Never walk on the top of a barrel tile.

Get to know your roof!
While you are up there, take a look around.  Look for lifting nails which naturally occur over time.  These nails need to be repaired by a licensed roofer to avoid costly leaks in the future.

Squirrels and sun
Also, look at your pipe boots.  The best pipe boots are made of lead and they will last a very long time.  However, squirrels like to chew on lead boots, which can create leaks.  If you see scratch marks, bite marks, or if you can see the white PVC pipe through the lead, then you need to have them addressed by a licensed roofing contractor.  Squirrel guards are an easy and effective way to deter rodents.  If your pipe boots are white neoprene boots with black rubber at the roof line, check to see if they are cracking.  These boots get worn out very quickly in the Florida sun and can easily be replaced.

Cleaning shingle roofs
Try to avoid cleaning your shingle roof with anything other than what the shingle manufacturer suggests.  Many websites say to use a bleach solution.  This can be a very costly mistake as it can shorten the life of your roof.  Unless your Homeowners Association is forcing your hand, try not to clean your shingle roof.  If you do have to clean your roof, call our office for some free advice.

Keeping an eye on your roof is the best way to maintain it and spot trouble before it starts. If something looks different or you’re concerned, call our office and we can put your mind at ease with a simple maintenance visit.