Before you let someone tell you your roof is irreparable, talk to us! We believe in a thorough assessment of each roof and determining a course of action based on the conditions. We often find that a repair – rather than a re-roof – is the best value over time. Since most homes are re-roofed with at least 30% of the life left in their current roof we explore all options with you. Ensuring safety, timeliness and affordability for the level of service we provide.

There are several indicators that point to roof repair in Florida. If you notice leaks or signs of water damage on the ceiling, you probably have a leak in your roof. A strong windstorm might have blown away some of your shingles, leaving spaces for water to seep into your home and cause damage. Constant water exposure could cause your wood beams to rot and mold to form. If you can see places where your roof deck is sagging, or if you can see natural light showing through the roof, you should call a professional roofing contractor immediately.

If you’ve already checked the attic, you can perform a basic exterior check. Pay attention to missing shingles, curling shingles, buckling or rotting, and algae growth. You can visually inspect your shingles for cracks, tears or missing shingles. Check your gutters for an excessive amount of shingle granules. This could mean advanced wear on your shingles. While you are looking at your gutters, make sure that they are draining properly and are free of debris. This will prevent water from getting caught on your roof or overflowing to cause problems with your foundation.

If your home is showing as signs of the issues listed above contact us today for a free estimate on repairs.